About Starlite

Mission & Values


Creating a New Standard

As a forward thinking subsidiary of Cofan-USA, we aim to create a new standard in efficiency and affordability.


Eco-Friendly Maintenance

Starlite LED's technology allows us to be incredibly efficient, with high efficacy lighting and affordable passive cooling techniques.


Lower Cost of Ownership

High thermal dissipation and thermal resistance allows the use of smaller form factor thermal solutions, which in turn, lowers your cost of ownership.

Company Introduction


The Forward Thinking Child of Cofan USA

Starlite LED is a forward thinking subsidiary of Cofan USA. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are privately owned and operated. Although relatively new to the LED market, we are poised with an impressive roster of engineers and extensive corporate experience in the thermal industry. We are proud to design and provide affordable and cutting edge technology to the lighting market.

As a global company with sales offices in China, Taiwan, USA, and Canada, we are ISO 9000 certified with resources for a global impact. Starlite LED is committed to being energy efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable, to every level in the market. Our applications include both interior and exterior designs, IP enabled for underwater usage, and our in-house suppliers keep everything manufactured at the corporate level.